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Why are slurry pumps noisy and what are the solutions?

Nov 07,2022

Why are slurry pumps noisy and what are the solutions?

Why slurry pump is noisy and what is the solution? Some users in the use of various types of slurry pump products appear slurry pump vibration phenomenon and there is noise, the following for you to share the reasons why there is noise slurry pump and slurry pump noise solution for reference.

1, cavitation phenomenon: the new installation of slurry pump products appear slurry pump noise reasons most belong to the installation of the problem such as import and export pipeline is not installed in accordance with the standard caliber of the pump but increase the caliber of the pipeline, resulting in slurry pump cavitation phenomenon before the slurry pump vibration accompanied by slurry pump noise phenomenon, you can close the small export valve or change the caliber of the pipeline to solve.

2, rotor imbalance: Shijiazhuang slurry pump rotor or drive machine rotor imbalance, this situation should be the rotor rebalance.

3, correction coupling: coupling slurry pump included in the horizontal multi-stage slurry pump due to poor alignment of the pump shaft and motor shaft, mechanical vibration and noise, the solution is to recalibrate the coupling.

4, bearing wear serious: bearing wear too serious, resulting in excessive clearance, should be replaced with new bearings.

5, Loose foot bolt: loose foot bolt or foundation is not solid cause, check and tighten loose parts or replace.

6, the liquid level is lower than the pump: for example, the user selected horizontal slurry pump products and in the installation of the liquid level is lower than the pump, the import pipeline is not installed bottom valve leading to horizontal slurry pump pump pumping empty phenomenon, this situation should be installed bottom valve tank to draw water after starting the pump, or switch to self-priming slurry pump more appropriate.

7, slurry pump parts loose: long-term work leads to slurry pump parts loose or damaged, fasten loose parts or replace.

8, by slurry pump support pipeline: bracket is not solid or pipeline support by the pump caused by pipeline vibration, the solution is to strengthen the pipeline bracket, should not rely on the pump support pipeline.

9, slurry pump with metal objects: pump into the metal objects or other objects caused by, or impeller and pump casing friction, the solution is to disassemble the pump body to check the elimination of friction.

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