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Daily Maintenance of Dredge Pump

Nov 19,2022

Daily Maintenance of Dredge Pump

As the biggest dredge pump manufacturer in China, Hebei Delin Machinery Co., Ltd has summarized following aspects that to be paid attention when dredge pump is in use of process.

1. Check the Dredge pump piping and the junction of any loose phenomenon. Turn the dredge pump by hand to see if the dredger is flexible.

2. To the bearing body by adding bearing lubricating oil, oil level should be observed in the oil standard center line, the oil should be replaced or replenished on time.

3. Remove the water diversion plug of the Dredge pump body, pouring water (or pulp).

4. Off the gate valve and outlet pressure gauge and inlet vacuum gauge.

5. Start the motor and check the motor rotation is correct or not.

6. Start the motor, when the Dredge pump normal operation,Open the outlet pressure gauge and inlet vacuum pump, as it shows the appropriate pressure, gradually open the gate valve, while checking the motor load situation.

7. Try to control the flow and head of the dredger pump in the range indicated on the label to ensure that the Dredge pump in the most efficient operation, in order to obtain the greatest energy saving effect.

8. Dredge pump in the course of running, the bearing temperature can not exceed the ambient temperature of 35 ℃, the maximum temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃.

9. If the dredger is found to have abnormal sound should immediately stop to check the cause.

10. Regularly check the wear of the sleeve, should be replaced after the larger wear。

11. When the Dredge pump is to be stopped, close the gate valve, the pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.

12. Dredge pump in the first month of work, after 100 hours to replace the oil, then change oil every 500 hour

13、Often adjust the packing gland to ensure that the filling chamber of the container is normal (to drop the drain is appropriate).

14. Dredge pump in the use of the winter season, after turned off, need to remove the lower part of the pump plug and drain the media off. To prevent cracking.

15. Dredge pump long-time stand by, should be disassembled, wipe dry, apply the rotating parts and joints to grease. Take good care of them.

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