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Slurry Pumps Maintenance Tips

Nov 07,2022

Slurry Pumps Maintenance Tips

All pump users are very concerned to pump maintenance methods because the pump runs for 24/7 without break, and if one pump breakdown, it may affect the whole mining project. Each pump model is originally designed to handle a certain fluid and the pump parameters are various. Therefore, the right pump for the application is the key for long service life.

After selecting the right pump, it is important to schedule regular inspections. Regular inspection would help the pump user to monitor pump working conditions by checking the pump operating temperature, vibration and noise, etc.

Every piece of rotating equipment in a refinery needs lubrication. Therefore, workers should be aware of the lubrication level and add it if needed. If the pump needs flushing water, make sure the water is clear to avoid contamination. At some point, flushing, varnish removal, reservoir maintenance and fluid replacement will be required. Particle contamination is the biggest threat to rotating equipment lubrication and a leading cause of bearing failure.

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